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Basics of Accounting and Finance

Seminar Objectives: 

   To help the participants to:

        • Define the general financial objectives of a company

        • Know the balance sheet and the income statement

        • Link the balance sheet and the income statement

A. Appreciating the Objectives of Finance and Accounting

    1. Profitability

    2. Cash flow

    3. Financial health

B. Understanding the 2 Key Financial Statements

     1. The  Balance Sheet

         a. What does the Balance Sheet Equation mean (Assets = Liabilities + Equity) 

         b. Common Balance Sheet Accounts & Terminologies

         c. The Value of the Balance Sheet Information

    2. The Income Statement

        a. What does the Income Statement Equation mean (Revenues – Expenses = Net Income) 

        b. Define income statement accounts & terminologies

        c. Discuss the information value of the income statement

   3. Recognizing the “Accounting Link”

       a. The relationship between the income statement and the balance sheet

       b. The important takeaways from income statement and balance sheet analysis