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Mastering the Art of Objection Management

Date: April 27, 2018
Time: 8:30am-12:30pm
Venue: Crown Regency Hotel, Makati

Mismanaging an objection during a sales encounter can prove to be very costly. 
If you can't convince the client when they object, your chances of winning the 
sale goes down tremendously.
Enough of the common approach of simply "handling objections," it's time to 
"master objections" to win more sales!
Why should Salespeople attend this program?
1. It will build your confidence and view objections more positively 
2. You will learn the real value of managing client objections and questions 
3. You will be armed with tools to move the clients from stalls and excuses to securing more sales
What you will learn?
Module I - Understanding why Clients Object
A. The Root Causes of Objections 
    1. Lack of Information 
    2. A One-sided selling approach 
    3. Better offers from competitors (price, incentives, etc.) 
    4. Client's need for a better deal 
    5. Clients don't realize the need for your products and services 
    6. Clients dislike for making decisions
B. Understanding your Customer's Perspective
    1. Time-based Objections 
    2. Information-based Objections 
    3. Competition-based Objections 
    4. Price-based Objections 
    5. Need and Relevance-based Objections 
    6. Authority-based Objections 
Module II - Understanding why we find Objections objectionable
A. Mismanagement of Emotions
    1. Fears 
    2. Worries 
    3. Anger 
    4. Doubts
B. Mismanagement of the Sales Process 
    1. Forgetting to Open the Sale before you can Close 
    2. Lack of Preparation and Analysis 
    3. Failure to Match your Approach to the Customer's Buying Stage
Module III - Mastering Objections to Win More Sales
Learning Activity: Analyzing the 10 Most Common Objections you Encounter
A. How to differentiate a Valid Objection from a Smokescreen 
    1. What is an Excuse? 
    2. What is a Smokescreen? 
    3. How to distinguish one from the other?
B. The 4 Phases of Objection Management 
    1. Acknowledge the Objection 
    2. Probe deeper to isolate the "real" objection 
    3. Address the Objection 
    4. Clarify if client is ready to move to the next step
C. Methods of Objection Management 
    1. Boomerang Method 
    2. Objection Chunking 
    3. Deflection Method 
    4. Pushback Method 
    5. Direct Denial Method
D. Addressing Specific Client Issues to Close the deal 
    1. Objections based on Time, Need and Relevance 
    2. Objections based on Price 
    3. Objections based on Information and Authority 
    4. Objections based on Competition and Price





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Duration: Half-day

Rate: P1,699

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