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Corporate Image Enhancement for Peak Performance [ 50% OFF until 12/10/2019 ]

Date: February 21, 2020
Time: 8:30am-12:30pm
Venue: St. Giles Hotel, Makati

This program seeks to deviate from the “traditional” corporate image enhancement seminars that focus mostly on the physical aspects of personality development. It centers on enhancing your career and personal branding that will make you feel more confident, work with a clear purpose, and get motivated to succeed.

Improving personal branding doesn’t mean a “one-look-fits-all” mindset. This seminar focuses on what you want to achieve, what industry or company you work in and how you want to be perceived. Aligning all these factors is critical to creating a holistic and effective image that really works for you.

The expected end-result would be a true corporate professional mindset that boosts your marketability, credibility and value to your organization.


Module I– The Power of Image

A. Living in a Judgmental World

B. No 2nd Chances for Creating 1st Impressions

C. Your Personal Responsibility in Making the Best Perception for Your Company


Module II– The Image Connection

A. Defining the Image you want to present

B. The Professional Dress issue: Importance of Appropriate Business Attire

C. Tips for Flattering your Body Type

D. The Power of Colors, Accessories and/or Make-up


Module III – The Elements of Personal Branding for Success

A. Physical Level:

    1. Tips on Corporate Image Essentials

        a. Corporate Dressing: The Professional Dress Issue

        b. The Rule of 12 in Positive Image Building

    2. Tips on Visual Poise

        a. Posture and Stance

        b.  Body Language

   3. Face-to-Face Contact: Conveying Assurance and Poise

   4. The Non-Verbal Aspects of Projecting the Right Image


B. Intellectual Level

    1. Developing a Positive Self-Image

    2. Tips on Communicating with Confidence and Credibility

    3. Increasing your Understanding: Knowing what to do to increase your value


C. Emotional Level

     1. Developing your Confidence

     2. Basics of Emotional Intelligence: IQ vs. EQ

     3. The Power of Commitment: Passionately working to increase your value


D. The Spiritual Level

     1. Boosting your Spiritual Quotient: IQ + EQ

     2. Strengthening your Character and Will to Succeed

     3. Motivating yourself to be Better


Module IV – Basic Business Etiquette for Sales Professionals

A. Making Introductions

B. Handshakes that win Respect

C. Addressing Clients and Building Rapport

D. Tips on Dining Decorum


Module V – Image Enhancement Tips

A. Key Professional Personal Branding Tips

B. Corporate Make-up Tips



The 50% OFF promo will only be applicable for payments made strictly on or before December 10, 2019.

The Regular Rate of P1, 999+VAT per participant, per seminar rate will be applied if payment is not made within the prescribed date and P2, 499+VAT per participant, per seminar will be applied for on-site payments.  

[ Seminar Fee includes snacks, materials and certificate of completion ]

Duration: Half-Day

Rate: P1,999

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