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Managing Face-to-Face Customer Service Encounters

Date: September 09, 2019
Time: 1:30pm-5:30pm
Venue: Crown Regency Hotel, Makati

his Customer Service Training Program has been developed and customized to help employees provide consistent excellent customer service in face-to-face interactions with customers. It aims to equip them with guidelines and techniques that will help them communicate more effectively and project a professional service-oriented image - creating memorable experiences that will satisfy/delight the customer and leave a positive and lasting impression, resulting in a higher level of customer loyalty.


1. To become more aware of the factors that affect the quality of any face-to-face interaction
2. To use these factors effectively to help them handle all types of situations professionally from start to finish
I. The Essentials of an Excellent Face-to-Face Transaction 
A. Projecting A Professional Image (Your Physical Appearance)
B. Non-Verbal Communication (Body Language)
C. Voice Quality (Tone, Pitch, Volume, Pace)
D. Language Used (Professional and Can-Do)

II. Injecting the "WOW" Factor in Every Interaction 
A. The Moment of Truth Concept and Its Importance
B. The Customer Service Cycle
    1. At First Glance - Making a Strong and Positive First Impression (Eye Contact and Facial Expression)
    2. The Positive Greeting  (The Confident Handshake)
    3. The Body of The Interaction
        a. Thinking Like Your Customer
           - Knowing and Understanding the Different Types (Demanding/Amiable/Thinking/Expressive)
           - Understanding Situations from the Customer's Perspective(The Customer's Motivation and Need/s)
        b. Mirroring and Matching Your Customer (Local and Foreign)
        c. The Positive Use of Space
    4. Resolving the Customer's Need/s and Concern/s
       " General Guidelines in Resolving the Customer's Needs and Concerns

C. The "Must-Have" Components for A "WOW" Experience
    1. Attention to Detail
    2. Accuracy of Information
    3. Flexibility - Giving More Options to Your Customers
    4. The Urgency of Your Response 

III. Managing Customers' Demands the Right Way 
A. Internalizing The "Customer Comes First" Mindset
B. Fostering A Team Attitude
C. Avoiding Negative Filters

IV. Delivering Bad News Effectively 
A. The Sincere and Effective Apology
B. The Positive Way to Say NO  

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Duration: Half-Day

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