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Strengthening your Sales Organization [ 50% OFF until 12/10/2019 ]

Date: April 15, 2020
Time: 8:30am-12:30pm
Venue: St. Giles Hotel, Makati

A common complaint of Sales Leaders is that there are salespeople in their teams that are not jus t delivering or doing what they want.
To answer this issue, we have to start with the right question, what do we want them to deliver and what do we want them to do?
The importance of building and reinforcing your sales organization is the one of the primary tasks of sales leaders. Instead of complaining and pointing fingers, we have to reverse the finger pointing and check the factors and approaches we use to get our teams to deliver.
This program is centered on the value of having the "right" sales team doing the "right" things to achieve the "right" results. The tools and techniques presented here will help provide valuable insights on how sales leaders can guide their salespeople to perform better as well as how to tap better sales talents if there is a need to hire new ones to replace the non-performers.
The main idea is that the participants need to understand that guiding salespeople needs a different approach as compared to other office employees. There are various factors to consider and most of the time they are out on the field which makes coordinating with them more difficult. This program will delve on how to assess the sales organization from a bigger perspective to target key areas of improvement to boost the overall sales perf ormance.

Module 1:  Assessing your Sales Organization
A. The Sales Leader: Analyzing your Management and Leadership Approach
    1. Managing the Transition: From Foot Soldier to Sales Leader
    2. The Warning Signs of Leadership Failure
    3. Strategy and Character: Important Elements of Leadership Credibility
    4. Clarifying your Leadership Purpose
    5. Leading your Sales Team: A Reality Check
B. The Costs of Ineffective Sales Leadership
    1. Reduced Sales Effectiveness
    2. Confusion, Anger and Complaints
    3. Lost Salespeople
    4. Lost Sales and Customers
C. The Sales People: Analyzing their Ability to Deliver  
    1. Sales Achievers and Non-Achievers
        a. The 80/20 Rule of Sales Productivity 
        b. Analyzing your Achievers and Non-Achievers
    2. Sales Time Allocation
        a. Selling Time vs. Non-Selling Time
        b. Checking the Load of your Salespeople
    3. Selling Skills and Motivation Analysis
        a. Skills and Competency Level
        b. Commitment and Motivation to Deliver
    4. Sales Tools and Sales Support
        a. Prospect and Lead Generation
        b. Sales Training and Coaching
        c. Customer and Competitive Information
        d. Collaterals and Budgets

D. Addressing the Issues Affecting your Sales Team
    1. Sales Team's Attitude and Skills Gap Assessment
    2. Sales Activity Analysis
    3. Instilling Accountability, Discipline in Salespeople's Performance   
    4. Analyzing Job Motivators and De-motivators
    5. How Sales Leaders should get their Teams on Track
Module 2:  Recruiting and Selecting Sales People

A. Clarify the Recruitment Process
    1. Creating your Recruitment Criteria and Candidate Profile
    2. Developing a Recruitment Database
    3. Scheduling your Recruitment Activities
    4. Systematizing your Recruitment Process

B. Specify the Selection Process
    1. Qualifying your Recruits
    2. Matching and Aligning how your Recruits will FIT your Sales Team
    3. Checking the Candidate against Customer Criteria

C. Improve the Candidate Interview Process
    1. Technical Knowledge Questions
    2. Self-Evaluative Questions
    3. Situational Information Questions
    4. Behavior Description Questions

D. Indoctrinate your Chosen Salespeople
    1. Assessment and Provision of Training Needs
        a. Product Knowledge
        b. Selling Skills and Knowledge
        c. Customer Service
    2. Evaluating Preliminary Performance
    3. Supporting and Motivating Salespeople for Continuous Improvement


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[ Seminar Fee includes snacks, materials and certificate of completion ]

Duration: Half-Day

Rate: P1,999

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