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Art of Telephone Selling and Negotiating

Date: October 09, 2019
Time: 1:30pm-5:30pm
Venue: St. Giles Hotel, Makati

Selling and marketing over the telephone can be both exciting and challenging. It is exciting because telemarketers and tele-sellers have a great opportunity to communicate the value and benefits of what they offer to clients.
It is challenging because closing a sale is not easy to do over the phone, especially in today’s business environment. Customers are becoming more difficult to convince while competitors are increasing and becoming more aggressive.
This seminar focuses on the important stages of telephone selling and negotiations. It dissects the various stages and components of the telephone selling process. This is designed to provide the participants with a deeper understanding of the preparation needed to close more sales.
The expected result is to have the participants performing with the right frame of mind and get rid of the intimidation factor, especially since they deal with challenging selling situations everyday. 
All these will be presented to enhance the skills and capabilities of the participants for the further success of their companies, the customers they serve and their own careers.
Module I – The Stages of a Telephone Sales Call
A. Pre-Call Stage
    1. Planning your Call 
        a. Stating your Primary Objective
        b. Identifying your Secondary Objective

    2. Working with Scripts 

        a. What criteria you are looking for in a prospect?
        b. What are the conditions that have to be met?
        c. What questions should I ask that will help me determine if this prospect is qualified?
B. Call Stage
    1. Opening with a Headline 
    2. Make an Interest Creating Comment 
    3. Qualifying your Prospect 
        a. Setting your criteria – Need, Budget, Authority and Timing 
        b. Managing Screeners
        c. Getting to the Decision Maker
    4. Asking the Fact-finding Questions 
        a. Background Questions
        b. Probing Questions
        c. Confirmation Questions

    5. Presenting your Solution – The Sales Message 
    6. Preparing to Close 
C. The Negotiation and Objection Handling Stage
    1. The Anatomy of an Objection 
    2. Types of Objections you will encounter on the Phone 
    3. Stages of Handling Objections 
    4. Telephone Negotiating Tactics 
D. The Closing
    1. Why Salespeople find it difficult to close? 
    2. Recognizing Buying Signals and Words 
    3. De-briefing the Prospect 
    4. Choosing the “Right” Closing Technique 
    5. How to make effective Closing Statements 
E. Post-Call Stage
    1. Follow-ups and Follow-throughs 
    2. Building Customer Relationships 
F. Monitoring your Sales and Negotiation Results 
    1. Analyzing your Telemarketing Wins and Losses 
    2. Learning from your Results 
    3. Specifying and Working on your Improvement Areas 
Module II – Succeeding in Telemarketing
A. Give yourself Permission to Succeed 
    1. Release your Inner Brakes 
    2. Use Affirmations to Produce Success 
    3. Practice, practice and evolve 
    4. Be like a Sponge 
B. Use your Work as a Stepping Stone to a Better Future
    1. Work Smarter, not just harder 
    2. Have fun and commit to doing better – all the time 
    3. Apply what you learn to become a better Person

[ Seminar Fee includes snacks, materials and certificate of completion ]

Rates and Terms of Conditions:

1. The Preferential Rate of P1, 699+VAT per participant, per seminar rate will be applied for reservations paid within the assigned due date (SYSTEM GENERATED).

2. The Regular Rate of P1, 999+VAT per participant, per seminar rate will be applied if payment is beyond the assigned due date and P2, 499+VAT per participant, per seminar will be applied for on-site payments. 

[ Seminar Fee includes snacks, materials and certificate of completion ]

Duration: Half-Day

Rate: P1,699

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