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Psyching Up for Sales Success [ 50% OFF until 12/10/2019 ]

Date: January 22, 2020
Time: 8:30am-12:30pm
Venue: St. Giles Hotel, Makati

Each year presents new challenges and new opportunities to unleash your potential to sell better than ever before. Now is the time to boost your motivation and sharpen your focus in excelling in your selling.

This seminar is designed for salespeople who have determined that they want success and even more success.  It is for those who are tired of being average, of being in the middle of the pack as well as those who would want to sustain their upward sales momentum.  If you want to be more productive in winning more sales, then this is the seminar for you.
Module I – Cleaning out your Negativity Closet

 A. Getting Rid of Harmful Thoughts and Attitudes
     1. The Blame Game
     2. The Self-limiting Beliefs
     3. The Excuse Finder
     4. The Selling Myopia Syndrome
     5. The Selling Reluctance Mindset
 B. Why Salespeople find it Difficult to Succeed or Sustain Success
     1. Abdication of Responsibility for Results
     2. Desperation for Results
     3. Overconfidence and Complacency
     4. Forgetting that Selling needs Continuous Study
 C. Setting your Expectations for your Sales
     1. The Importance of Planning and Organizing Your Sales Initiatives
     2. Turning Plans into Realities
     3. Making the Commitment to Achieve

Module II – The New Selling Skills you need to Develop

 A. The Pre-Sale Stage: Planning and Organizing your Selling Activities
     1. Prospecting and Lead Generation with a difference
     2. Visualizing your desired outcome
     3.  Estimating What needs to be done
     4.Preparing to do it
 B. The Actual Selling Process
     1. Serve first, sell second 
     2. Communicating and Connecting your Solutions
     3. Understanding the Value of Objections
     4. Treating the Close as the Start of the Sales Relationship
     5. Reviewing and Controlling your Sales Results
     6. Writing the lessons learned

Module III – The Next-Step Actions

 A. The Habits of Sales Success
     1. Be Prepared
     2. Manage your Time
     3. Invest in Self-Improvement
     4. Strive for Progress, not perfection
     5. Be Realistic and Positive
     6. Be Consistent

B. The Action Assignment
    1. Developing a Monthly Goal Worksheet
    2. Planning your Moves
    3. Actual Implementation
    4. Reviewing your Results
    5. Identifying the Lessons you have learned



The 50% OFF promo will only be applicable for payments made strictly on or before December 10, 2019.

The Regular Rate of P1, 999+VAT per participant, per seminar rate will be applied if payment is not made within the prescribed date and P2, 499+VAT per participant, per seminar will be applied for on-site payments. 

[ Seminar Fee includes snacks, materials and certificate of completion ]

Duration: Half-Day

Rate: P1,999

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