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Power Selling Action Tools [ 50% OFF until 12/10/2019 ]

Date: January 22, 2020
Time: 1:30pm-5:30pm
Venue: St. Giles Hotel, Makati

For years, sales success depended on the “great salesperson” that completely understood his product (or service) and could convince anyone who didn't know anything about it that it could solve a problem the buyer didn't even know he/she had.
In traditional selling, product knowledge was everything and the salesperson’s gift of gab was the ultimate tool in turning the most reluctant buyer into a willing victim. In today’s tough competitive environment, we have to put a stop to this type of selling. If the old rules said you've got to "talk it up" until your prospect "bites," the new rules say you've got to start by listening to the prospect. This doesn't mean your product or service is unimportant. It means it is secondary to the customer's perception—not of you, or of your product, but of his own situation.This is the foundation of the new techniques in Power Selling.
Who should attend and why?
If you're a sales professional, this is almost certainly what you need. Why? Because we are, right now, experiencing a shift in customer consciousness that is dramatically redefining everything we know about selling and fundamentally altering the rules of our profession. To survive in sales today, you've got to junk the old rules and take a 180-degree turn on what you do when you "sell."
What will you learn?

Module I – Bid Farewell to Formula Selling

 A. How Great Salespeople Succeed in Challenging Times
     1. Changing the Way you Think: “Old Selling Solutions for New Selling Problems”
     2. When the Selling gets Tough, get Creative
     3. Prioritizing High Pay-off Sales Activities vs. Low Pay-off Sales Activities

 B. Analyzing your Preparedness
     1. Selling Skills
     2. Product Knowledge
     3. Customer Knowledge
     4. Competitor Knowledge

 C. Checking your Selling Attitude and Motivation
     1. Why is it getting more difficult for you to Sell?
     2. The Power Selling Tips
         a. Go Back to the Basics
         b. Don’t be Contented with What is
         c.Plan first before you Act

Module II – The Power Selling Action Tools

 A. How to Close More Accounts
     1. Open before you Close and not the other way around
     2. Do what the Airlines do – The Secret of Economy, Business Class and First Class Selling

 B. Selling Successfully even if You’re not the Lowest Priced
     1. Selling your Offering’s Benefits despite the Costs
     2. Selling to the “Right” Customer
     3. Don’t focus on the price tag, focus on the Value

 C. Selling More by Targeting “Motivated” Buyers
     1. Understanding the Client’s Buying Motivators
         a. Price
         b. Value – Features, Advantages and Benefits
         c. Relationship 
     2. Motivating your Customers to Buy Now
         a. The Motivation of Urgency
         b. The Motivation of Time
         c. The Motivation of Stories
         d. The Motivation of Choice

C. Immunizing yourself from Negative Thoughts and Feelings
     1. Why be Bitter, when you can do Better?
     2. Developing your Power to Influence Customers
     3. The 10 Selling Power Boosters


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Duration: Half-Day

Rate: P1,999

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