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Empowering the Front liners [ 50% OFF until 12/10/2019 ]

Date: February 12, 2020
Time: 8:30am-12:30pm
Venue: St. Giles Hotel, Makati

The front liners are a company’s first line of defense in the art of war – the war of “winning the customers”. They are at the forefront of companies and how they conduct themselves and the business at hand can either clinch or turn away sales from prospective clients.

Empowering them to become the best representatives of your company to create positive and lasting impressions should be a priority. Because it will always be that how the front liners present themselves to clients will be viewed as a reflection of how your own company conducts its business.

Module 1: The Important Role of the Front liner

A.  Projecting and Communicating a Service-Oriented Image
1.  Why Presenting the Best Image for your Company is Important
2.  Image Projection Essentials
         a.  The Dimensions of Non-Verbal Communication
         b.  Essentials of Verbal Communication
         c.  Listening and Comprehending Customer Concerns
         d.  Understanding Meta-messages

B.  Managing Different Customer Classifications
     1.  Thinking like your Customer
     2.  The Filipino Customer
     3.  The Foreign Customer

C.  The 4 General Types of Customers
     1.  The “Amiable” Client
     2.  The “Expressive” Client
     3.  The “Analytical” Client
     4.  The “Driver” Client

Module 2: Delivering Exceptional Front liner Service

A.  The Good, the Bad and the Ugly when Serving Customers
     1.  What to Remember during Face-to-Face Customer Encounters
     2.  Developing  your Likeability Factor
     3.  Using Winning Words and Soothing Phrases
     4. Seven Things you Need to Avoid

Module 3: The Front liner as a Problem Solver

A.  Important Factors in Customer Issue Resolution
B.  Three Areas to Consider when Resolving Customer Concerns
C.  The Customer Resolution Process Steps
D.  Managing Customer Demands the “Right” Way
     1.  Analyzing if the “Customer is Always Right”
     2.  Setting Levels of Expectations
     3.  The Wrong and Right Ways of Providing Customer Feedback
     4.  Delivering Bad News effectively

Module 4: The Front liner Imperatives
A.  Mastering the Art of Calm
B.  Keeping it Professional
C.  The Competence Principle
D.  The Front liner is the Bridge that links the Company and the Customer


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Duration: Half-Day

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