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Forming the Big Picture Mindset for Increased Productivity [ 50% OFF until 12/10/2019 ]

Date: February 12, 2020
Time: 1:30pm-5:30pm
Venue: St. Giles Hotel, Makati

Developing the "Big Picture Mindset" in the workplace is crucial in comprehending the value of what we do and aligning our desired goals to those of the businesses that we serve. If employees understand that each activity they undertake will have an impact on their future, they will definitely acquire a sense of ownership and loyalty towards accomplishing the firm's objectives. As a result, they will develop a strong sense of direction regarding their own career growth and future success.
The objective of this seminar is to help the participants gain a broader, more positive perspective on their professional and personal lives. This will help them understand the meaning and purpose of what they do as they become more valuable business partners of their bosses, co-workers and customers. This seminar will provide participants with insights and new concepts geared towards helping them appreciate their work better, instead of merely looking at themselves as simple cogs in the business operation.

Module 1 - The Components of Big Picture Thinking
A.  The Story of the Brick Layers
B.  The 3 Elements of the Big Picture
     1. Situation
     2. Decisions
     3. Consequences
C.  Above-the-line Thinking
D.  Below-the-line Thinking
Module 2 - The Factors of Consequence-Based Thinking
A.  Analyzing your Feelings at Work
B.  Analyzing your Feelings at Home and with Friends
C.  Factors of Becoming a Person of VALUE
     1. Personality Factor
     2. Pessimism/Optimism Factor
     3. Purpose Clarification Factor
     4. Specialization Factor
     5. Differentiation Factor
Module 3 - Changing Perspectives
A.  Expanding your Views and Changing Perspectives
B.  How to See the Big Picture and Bring it on to FOCUS
C.  Working and Living with a Broader Outlook
     1. Environmental Assessment - Internal and External 
     3. Opportunity Analysis
     4. Resource Allocation and Management
     5. Corporate Objectives and Personal Goals 
     6. Setting and Evaluating your Targets
     7. Developing Success Strategies and Tactics 
     8. Implementation 
     9. Measuring your Performance
     10. Re-designing and Correcting your Activities
D.  Analysis versus Synthesis - Applying A Strategic, Big Picture View to your Life


The 50% OFF promo will only be applicable for payments made strictly on or before December 10, 2019.

The Regular Rate of P1, 999+VAT per participant, per seminar rate will be applied if payment is not made within the prescribed date and P2, 499+VAT per participant, per seminar will be applied for on-site payments. 

[ Seminar Fee includes snacks, materials and certificate of completion ]

Duration: Half-Day

Rate: P1,999

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