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Managing Difficult and Demanding Customers [ 50% OFF until 12/10/2019 ]

Date: February 24, 2020
Time: 1:30pm-5:30pm
Venue: St. Giles Hotel, Makati

In business, you cannot predict the type of customer that you will meet, and more importantly, you cannot be discriminatory in serving customers. 

It is a fact that you will encounter both negative and positive people in your daily work. The challenge is on how you turn negative customer incidents into successful encounters.
Experts say that difficult customer situations can be defused if the customers feel they are being treated properly. Therefore, we should not discount the difficult customers because they are also potentially good customers that are worth saving.
Dealing effectively with difficult customers will benefit you as well as your organization. It takes real skill to be successful with challenging customers

and in the process boost your confidence and interpersonal skills.
Seminar Objectives:
1. To develop insights on what makes customers difficult and what might be driving their behavior
2. To improve your ability to interact with different types of difficult customers
3. To develop a framework on how to deal with customers in complicated situations
4. To formulate a practical action plan on preparing yourself for problematic customer encounters 
Who should attend
This seminar will be beneficial to all those who come into contact with both internal and external customers  particularly those involved in the areas of Customer Service, Sales, Retail and Operations.
Training style:
The emphasis of this seminar is learning through practical examples. This allows participants to gain extensive knowledge on managing difficult customers and service recovery.
Module I - The Root Cause of Difficult Customer Encounters
Activity: Analyzing your Difficult Customer Encounters
A. Knowing your Customers
    1. The Common Types of Customers you will meet
    2. Why are some Customers difficult?
    3. Is it the Customer who is difficult or is it you?
B. Knowing Yourself
    1. Assessing your ability to handle difficult people and situations
    2. The Benefits of Managing Difficult Situations
    3. The Impact of Customer Satisfaction on you and your company
    4. Harnessing your Commitment to Service Excellence
Module II - Analyzing the Elements of Difficult Customer Situation Management
A. Situation
    1. Assessing the Situation's Importance and Urgency
    2. Matching your Response to the Situation at Hand
    3. Proactive Analysis on the Effects of Tricky Situations
B. Attitude and Behavior
    1. The Nature of People: The Hot and Cold Buttons
    2. Styles and Patterns of Responses
    3. Types of Volatile Customer Behavior
    4. Communication Habits and Modes
C. Action and Reaction
    1. The LEAR Approach (Listen, Empathize, Ask and Respond)
    2.  Managing Emotions: Both your own and the customer's
    3. The Process of Calming Customers
    4. Managing Abusive Customers
    5. Expressing disagreement with tact and confidence
Module III - Creating WIN-WIN Strategies for Difficult Customers
A. Strategies for Defusing Negative Situations
    1. Involving the Customer in Solution Finding
    2. Determining the Best Service Recovery approach
B. Matching your Solution to the Problem
    1. Assessing the Right Actions to take
    2. When to use Standard and Special Reactions to Problems
C. Preventing and Anticipating Difficult Customer Situations
    1. Analyzing Customer Complaints and Demands
    2. Improving Service Procedures and Standards
    3. Gaining Team Commitment to Serve Customers with Excellence
    4. Post-Analysis of Difficult Customer Situations         



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[ Seminar Fee includes snacks, materials and certificate of completion ]

Duration: Half-Day

Rate: P1,999

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