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Enhancing your Telemarketing Skills [ 50% OFF until 12/10/2019 ]

Date: March 03, 2020
Time: 8:30am-12:30pm
Venue: St. Giles Hotel, Makati

Getting customers to sit still and listen to a lengthy telephone lecture is futile. Your products and services may be the best in terms of features and benefits, but unless you can connect that with a real problem the customers have, they will not buy your solution.

Telemarketers need to understand one important thing: they are salespeople and the main difference is that they use the telephone instead of the actual face-to-face contact to build a client relationship. 

Who should attend:
All professionals who want to improve the way they market and sell through the telephone.

Module 1 - Telemarketing with the Right Attitude

A. Getting in Touch with your Emotions 
    1. Telemarketing isn't as easy as it looks 
    2. Why Telemarketers lose their fire? 
    3. Creating a Human Bond through the Phone 
    4. Staying motivated and getting rid of negative thoughts 
    5. Jumpstarting a Positive Telemarketing Mindset 
B. The Essentials of Telemarketing to the Right Clients 
    1. Competencies and Technical Skills 
    2. Emotional Intelligence 
    3. Clear Purpose 
    4. Matching Process 
    5. Appropriate Actions 
Module 2 - The Upside and Downside of Telemarketing

A. The Upside of Telemarketing 
    1. Not everyone can succeed in Telemarketing
    2. Growth Prospects of a Telemarketing Career
    3. Telemarketing provides Holistic Development
B. The Downside of Telemarketing 
    1. Most Customers are Negative towards Telemarketers
    2. Rejection is Common
    3. Managing the Stressors and Demands
C. Finding a Common Ground with Clients 
    1. Know your Customers  
    2. Basic Fact: All Clients are different 
    3. Nobody buys from a Stranger - especially on the Phone 
    4. Avoiding the Customer Irritants 
D. How to Deal with Early Resistance   
    1. Projecting the Right Image on the Phone 
    2. Creating interest in 20 seconds 
    3. Building Rapport with Attention Getters 
E. Establishing your Credibility 
    1. Sparking client interest with credibility statements 
    2. Testing your Sales Message Delivery: If you were the Customer - Would you buy? 
    3. Needs-based Selling: Customers won't buy what they don't need 
    4. Thinking like a Problem Solver and Problem Finder 
Module 3 - Improving your Telemarketing Approach

A. Know Yourself 
    1. Finding Fulfillment in what you do
    2. Understanding what you Sell
    3. Projecting a Professional Image for your Company
    4. Establishing your Credibility
B. Know your Customers 
    1. Basic Fact: All Clients are different
    2. Nobody buys from a Stranger - especially on the Phone
    3. Managing Initial Reactions and Early Resistance
    4. Avoiding the Customer Irritants
C. Know how to Communicate
    1. Active Listening
    2. Sparking client interest with credibility statements
    3. Testing your Sales Message Delivery: If you were the Customer - Would you buy?
D. Know how to Sell
    1. Needs-based Selling: Customers won't buy what they don't need
    2. Thinking like a Problem Solver and Problem Finder
    3. Fitting your Solution to make a Sale
    4. Managing the Outcome of the Call
    5. Fine-tuning your Selling Style



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[ Seminar Fee includes snacks, materials and certificate of completion ]

Duration: Half-Day

Rate: P1,999

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