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Effective Prospecting for Sales Success [ 50% OFF until 12/10/2019 ]

Date: March 13, 2020
Time: 8:30am-12:30pm
Venue: St. Giles Hotel, Makati

The most important raw materials of effective selling are prospects. These prospective sales may come

in the form of both existing and new customers.


Research has shown that there is a tendency for salespeople to take prospecting for granted.

There are four major reasons behind this, and they are:


1. Salespeople are inclined to mainly focus on the sales opportunities that are near closing 
2. They depend on the company or the Marketing people to give them good prospects or leads
3. Most salespeople lack a good system for ensuring a consistent flow of prospects 
4. They find it difficult to balance their prospecting and selling activities


This program is focused on helping the participants develop the discipline of effective prospecting anchored

not just on quantity but also quality prospects. It also teaches them to go beyond the basics of treating

prospecting as simply creating a contact list but also analyzing the value of each

prospect in their list.


Module 1: Prospecting with a Difference


A. The Challenges of Prospecting in Today's Business Environment
    1. Existing Customers and their Changing Needs and Demands
    2. New Prospects and the Issue of Building Credibility and Trust
    3. Shrinking Markets and More Aggressive Competition 
    4. Service and Speed as Differentiating Factors

    5. Understanding the Value of Prospecting to your Sales Results
    6. Creating a System for Disciplined Prospecting


B. Identifying the "Right" Prospects
    1. The "Garbage In, Garbage Out" Issue of Prospecting
    2. Knowing and Profiling your Target Prospects
    3. The Difference Between Selling to Individuals and Corporations
    4. Where and How to look for Prospects
    5. New Prospects and Existing Customer Prospects
    6. Common Problems in Prospecting
    7. Addressing the Root Causes of Prospecting Problems


Module 2: The Process of Turning Prospects into Qualified Leads


A. Information Gathering on your Prospects
    1. The Importance of Research and Information Gathering
    2. Identifying and Utilizing your Sources of Prospect Information
    3. The Upstream and Downstream Prospect Information you will Need
    4. Organizing your Data into Valuable Prospect Information
    5. Narrowing your Prospect List into Viable Leads


B. The Value of Qualifying Leads
    1. Preventing the Spray and Pray Approach to Selling
    2. The Difference between a Prospect and a Good Lead
    3. Why does Lead Qualification Go Wrong? 
    4. Setting and Following your Criteria for Qualification



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Duration: Half-Day

Rate: P1,999

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