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Converting Leads into Sales Opportunities [ 50% OFF until 12/10/2019 ]

Date: March 13, 2020
Time: 1:30pm-5:30pm
Venue: St. Giles Hotel, Makati

A crucial stage in ensuring a good flow of sales is the conversion of qualified leads into viable sales opportunities. It is common for salespeople to contact a customer or prospect and assume that just because there is a need - the rest would be easy.


But, there is much more to consider and analyze before that lead is translated into a buying customer. This program focuses on providing the concepts and tools that would make lead qualification and preparing for the customer contact more favorable to winning the sale.


Too many times, sales are lost because the salesperson was not prepared enough to understand the specific needs and preferences of the customers they meet. Today's customers and prospects are different. Salespeople have to have the ability to go beyond the traditional ways of selling to win the sale. This program helps in developing the right mindset and process for lead conversion into positive sales opportunities.


Module 1: The Process of Short Listing your Leads


A. The NBATCO Model of Lead Qualification
    1. Understanding the Prospect's NEED
    2. Gauging the Prospect's BUDGET
    3. Knowing the AUTHORITY to Decide of your Prospect
    4. Analyzing the TIMING of your Offer
    5. Checking your Internal and External COMPETITORS in the Prospect Account
    6. Understanding the OTHER ISSUES you need to Address


B. Selecting the Leads with the Best Potential for Sales 
    1. Classifying your Leads
        a. High Potential Leads
        b. Average Potential Leads
        c. Low Potential Leads

    2. Deciding and Choosing the "Best" Leads to Target
    3. What to do when Prospects and Leads don't Translate into Sales Opportunities 


Module 2: Planning for the Sales Meeting


A. Creating your "Customer-Specific" Sales Action Plan
    1. The Goal of Planning your Sales Actions
    2. Identifying the Decision Maker to Target
    3. Setting the Time Frame for your Sales Opportunity Conversion
    4. Analyzing the Best Method of Communication to Use
    5. Setting your Call Objectives
    6. Knowing the Best Timing for Contacting the Decision Maker
    7. Aligning the Needs of the Prospective Client to the Solution you Offer
    8. Determining the Budget and Resources you will Need 
    9. Stating the Key Results you need to achieve


B. Implementing your Sales Action Plan
    1. Making the Initial Contact 
    2. Getting through the Gatekeepers
    3. Initial Probing and Alignment of Needs and Benefits
    4. Stating why it is Important for the Prospective Client to Meet with you
    5. Understanding the Initial Resistance of Clients
    6. Getting an Agreement to Meet and Setting the Appointment


Module 3: Preparing for the Actual Customer Contact


A. Understanding the 4 Customer Personalities you will Meet
    1. The "Driver or Commander" Type
        a. Positive and Negative Characteristics
        b. Personality Cues
        c. Managing Meetings with "Driver" Client Personality

    2. The "Amiable or Stabilizer" Type
        a. Positive and Negative Characteristics
        b. Personality Cues
        c. Managing Meetings with "Amiable or Stabilizer" Client Personality

    3. The "Expressive" Type
        a. Positive and Negative Characteristics
        b. Personality Cues
        c. Managing Meetings with "Expressive" Client Personality

    4. The "Analytical" Type
        a. Positive and Negative Characteristics
        b. Personality Cues
        c. Managing Meetings with "Analytical" Client Personality


B. Organizing your Approach according to the Client
        1. Matching your Approach according to the Client
        2. Key: Be Prepared to be Unprepared
        3. Traditional vs. New Ways to Present to Clients
        4. Preparing your Questions, Facts and Proofs
        5. Understanding the Possible Obstacles or Problems 
        6. Knowing how to address your Competitors in the Account


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