Affordable Public Seminars in Manila, Philippines

We are the Most Trusted provider of Affordable Public Seminars in the Philippines.


Here’s one of our many answers: It’s hard to fall asleep in a Training for Less seminar.

We believe in creating an environment that is conducive to learning so that clients can get the best out of their training investment. From the physical aspect down to the atmosphere, we make sure to keep our participants awake and alert, ready to learn all that they need to achieve success. Our offer of affordable prices does not mean that the value is compromised. The business hotels that the seminars are held at are well-ventilated and comfortable, situated at prime locations for travel convenience and to provide various food choices for meals. 

Seminars start with icebreakers to set the tone and create an atmosphere that stimulates learning. Discussions are engaging and informative, with supporting activities that are fun while remaining relevant to the topic at hand. Furthermore, our seminars always include heavy snacks (often a hearty snack in the morning to support or provide breakfast, while afternoon snacks are sweet treats for brain fuel), and coffee and tea are always available! Our participants don’t fall asleep or go hungry.

Consider our seminars as your day out!

Other than absorbing the information during the training, this change of pace can help reset or refresh you to start with a clean slate when you go back to the office. This is also a good opportunity to network or make new friends! We encourage participants to bring their business cards or flyers and brochures to make the most out of this socializing opportunity. If your time will allow it, you can even stroll through the malls that the hotel venues are close to, or take your lunch there and try some popular restaurants and dishes. After all, having more positive feelings and a clear mind are both great ways to remember the things you learned!

Here’s the full list of our training package inclusions:

  • Seminar Worksheets
  • Heavy AM/PM snacks
  • Free-flowing coffee, tea, and water
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Digital file of Training Manuals (to be given after the seminar)

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