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Training for Less Inc. is a regular provider of effective training that is easy on the budget. With affordable half-day programs that can stand alone or be paired up to create a quality 1-day program of practical learning, these seminars are sure to yield results after just one session. 

We are committed to helping the Philippine economy and small businesses by doing the following:

  • Designing business and corporate training programs to be immediately effective while remaining relevant in the Philippine Business Setting
  • Making training convenient for all company members – from participants and  persons-in-charge, to business owners themselves
  • Providing valuable training that conveniently yields quick results, at an affordable price

Training doesn’t have to be expensive to be effective.

With Training for Less as your corporate training provider, you can still give your people the opportunity to become experts at their professions and do their part to help the organization, no matter how tight budgets may get. We have seminars for any business situation – whether you’re still trying to survive in this market, or are in need of avenues for growth – our training methods can provide you with the necessary learning resources. Our budget public seminars are quick and easy to grasp, with supporting materials to fully implement the right mindset and hone the right skills even after the seminar.

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