About Us

Effective Training. Easy on the Budget.

Training for Less offers affordable public seminars in the Philippine Business Setting, held in business hotels at Metro Manila. Our objective is to support the Philippine economy by helping small and medium companies grow their business and increase their bottom line with the best deals.  

We provide public seminars on a wide variety of business topics that are realistic, up-to-date, and easy to understand while being low-cost and budget-friendly. Each seminar is designed to educate entrepreneurs, business practitioners, and corporate employees about innovative business and career strategies that bring results. Whether your business is still a startup or has been in the industry for some time, our affordable workshops will be helpful in providing training on the necessary elements of business management required for success.

Turn theory into practice in every seminar! Most things are easier said than done; that’s not the case with us! We make it easy to actually practice and apply everything as you learn. With our unique training methodology of quick, easy, and memorable learning, immediate results full of impact  are guaranteed. To supplement that, we also provide participants with post-seminar materials to complete the entire learning process.

We ensure that learning is useful, applicable, and results-oriented with our team of expert trainers who are active practitioners in their respective industries. They are approachable, and never boring! Each trainer has their own unique way of turning their expert knowledge into fun activities and discussions that will remain memorable for participants to constantly recall.

Why sacrifice quality training when budgets are tight? Here at Training for Less, there’s no need for that! With our passion and commitment towards our cause to truly help companies grow, we don’t believe in spending too much just for boring or half-baked learning. At the same time, a lower price does not have to equate to lower quality. Training doesn’t have to be expensive to be effective. Get even better returns on your investments with the full Training for Less experience of more fun and memorable learning, at more affordable prices! 

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What Makes Us Different?

Get the best value for your training investment: Immediate results after every seminar.

We put our focus on quick learning for participants in order to achieve immediate results. Every single aspect of our training programs has been designed to be simplified to make everything easy to grasp throughout the seminar. Though the training is accelerated, we assure participants that the quality and effectivity of it is never compromised. Participants get exactly what they need to start helping their companies through competence, excellence, and consistent improvement. 

Unique Training Methodology

Training for Less is all about continuing education – that is, supporting participants’ academic knowledge with the necessary soft skills and helping them stay updated with relevant topics based on current news and trends. Our brand of quick learning and immediate results can only be achieved with adult learners who are able to take responsibility for managing their own learning process. By creating a non-threatening environment that is conducive to learning, participants can form their own insights from the interactive discussions and ideal behaviors modeled in the activities.

We provide learning materials such as worksheets to supplement the discussions and activities during the seminar. After the seminar, we also provide handouts for participants to go back to and consistently hone their skills. Furthermore, the speakers can be reached through  our Facebook page and will respond to any questions that participants may prefer to ask in private, especially if it is specific to their situation. We aim to give participants an unforgettable learning experience to yield immediate results through our training methods.

No matter if it was a small lesson or if they gained a brand new perspective, participants will be satisfied to have gained the necessary catalyst that is significant to start making changes for long-term improvement through a culture of competence and excellence, with their newfound compassion and enlightenment.

Designed for the Philippine Business Setting

Seminars by Training for Less are designed to be relevant to the Philippine Business Setting. Everything about doing business in the Philippines – the market, the business landscape, and even the culture of Filipino employees and customers – all of these are considered for every single one of our training programs. If you’re doing business in the Philippines and would like to have an edge over your competition, we’ve got you covered.

Expert Practitioner Trainers

At Training for Less, we are devoted to making learning efficient and easily applicable to daily life. To do this, we make sure that our trainers are experts in their respective fields, with the experience to back it up and be able to answer questions for any kind of company situation. As active practitioners, they stay relevant and updated on current and upcoming trends to be taken note of. Our extensive selection process ensures that all of our speakers are able to uphold our brand promise of excellent, immediate results through fun, but practical training.  

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